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Noun: Desc; The word for a word that has whole words within itself -
all the way from 1 letter up to the length of the word.



An example: The word "stage"



1 letter word A - ( s t a g e )

2 letter word TA - ( s t a g e )

3 letter word AGE - ( s t a g e )

4 letter word STAG - ( s t a g e )

5 letter word STAGE - ( s t a g e )



From a short word like "bin" to a longer word like "strangers", a wordinian word can be any length



 - Longer wordinian words are scarce

- all wordinian words seem to have either an "a" or "i" within the word

- the words within a wordinian must be complete and unbroken

- strangely... all the "within" words are often also wordinian words



What is the longest English word you can find that is a Wordinian?



Word number two in a series of two - word number one issued December 2002 - ?"issued"??  Does one actually "issue" a word??
Words issued at intervals of approximately 12 years.



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